Professional Memberships:

  • Law Society of Kenya (LSK)
  • East Africa Law Society (EALS)
  • International Criminal Court (ICC) Bar Association

Philemon Koech

Senior Partner, Litigation & Finance

Member of ICC Bar Association at the Hague LL.B (Nbi)

Diploma in Law (KSL)Advocate Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public

Certified Professional Mediator


Philemon Koech is a higly experienced Senior Partner specializing in Litigation & Commercial Law with a particular focus on investment Law, boasting an impressive 27- year track record. Throughout his career, he has been extensively involved in negotiations and preparation of trade agreements between Foreign  Investors, foreign governmnets and Kenyan entrepreneurs in the real estate sector. Furthermore, Mr. Koech has played a key role in negotiating and resolving an investment contract between a foreign investor and the Government of central equatorial in South Sudan.


Mr. Koech is equally proficient in criminal practice, civil and commercial litigation, making him a seasoned litigator. His vast experience has allowed him to be part of landmark cases that have set legal precedents in both the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the International Criminal Court.

His legal prowess extends to handling matters related to commercial, banking, and insurance law, corporate law, labor law, and probate and administration. Furthermore, he has effectively represented clients before various Arbitral Tribunals.

Additionally, Mr. Koech has contributed as a consultant in reviewing and re-drafting a statute governing public corporations. His expertise and versatility have established him as a reputable and invaluable legal professional in various aspects of the law

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