Service Sector Clientele

Over time, the advocates practicing in our firm have had the opportunity to offer consultancy services and represent a number of reputable institutions, most of whom still retain us in their panel.

• Banking and financial institutions
• ICT & innovation sector
• Insurance industry
• Knowledge Management (Library and information)
• Educational institutions
• Public interest litigation
• Environmental sector
• Trusteeships and administration of Estates
• Energy sector
• Public procurement
• Extractives & Natural resources sector
• Agricultural and allied industries
• Diplomatic & International relations.

• Hospitality & Leisure industry
• Retail sector
• International legal practice i.e International Criminal Court (ICC).
• Cross- border Investments
• Private individuals
• Real Estate & Infrastructure.


For confidentiality reasons, names, particulars of our clients have been omitted from this document but may be supplied on request subject to terms and conditions.

Key Transactions

  1. Successfully prepared and perfected securitization in respect of syndicated loan amounting to over USD 2.0
    million for a corporation in the energy sector.
  2. Extensive experience in real estate transactions and major developments for high net worth clients and
  3. Provided legal and investment advice to multinational companies many of which have now invested in Kenya.
  4. Extension of time in an election petition. The Supreme Court pronounced itself for the first time on the
    question of extension of time for filing election petition out of time as thus:
    “Being the first case in which this court is called upon to consider the principles of extension of time,
    we delve the following as the underlying principles that a court should consider in exercise of such
  5. Represented clients in an examination Irregularity Dispute. The matter went all the way up to the Court of
    Appeal. The High Court had reversed nullification of results at the High Court but on Appeal, the Court of
    Appeal upheld the Nullification.
  6. Represented a client in a matter which started all the way from the Public Procurement Administrative Review
    Board to the Court of Appeal. The High Court disagreed with us but on Appeal, the Court of Appeal agreed with
    the position our client had taken.
  7. . Represented a client in a matter which related to a right to easement. It went all the way to the Court of
    Appeal. On Appeal, the Court of Appeal agreed with us and held that our client had a right to enter into the
    property of the Appellant on the basis of an easement which the Appellant had been granted earlier on.
  8. Represented a client in the NGO sector in an Application where an adversary had sought orders against a
    person who was not a party to the suit. The Court of Appeal agreed with us that a party must be made a party
    first before seeking adverse Orders against it.