Corporate Social Responsibility


The Firm through its partners and Lawyers are encouraged to contribute to journals, and participate in service to community as part of fulfilling the noble duties of productive and helpful lawyering. The Firm has in the past contributed to Nairobi Hospice, Child Welfare Society of Kenya, and Federation of Women Lawyers among others.


In addition to the foregoing human resource base of the Firm, we also outsource various services from time to time selectively so as to maintain and not to compromise confidentiality whilst attaining the deserved efficiency and in a manner affordable to our clients.

General Information

The Firm has also embraced Information Technology as a useful aspect of its development. It is computerized and its entire staff is now fully trained in the use of computers and digitalized environment. The Firm enjoys Internet connection for ease of communication with its clients and also for purposes of quick and current research.

The Firm is equipped with a library complete with all statutes of the Country and has in place a mechanism of updating them. It has a variety of books, law reports and research materials to enable the Firm conclude most of its research in-house. Pupils who join the Firm are integrated in the process of updating our library material which require regular updating, an exercise they find to be intellectually fulfilling and a contribution to the development of stock of legal knowledge in the Firm.

Staff development and progression is an important part of the Firm. Staff members have opportunities and support towards their continuous training. The Firm has previously supported staff to further their education on part-time basis. This will continue. As part of the policy of our firm, Staff as well as advocates are encouraged to attend short relevant courses, workshops and seminars from time to time as we believe in expanding capacity, widening inter-personal skills and being prepared to tackle any challenges that may arise from time to time. All Advocates frequently attend Continuous Legal Education (CLE) courses to sharpen their skills.

All advocates in the Firm are members of the Law Society of Kenya and the Firm ensures that they all are in possession of current practicing certificates promptly every year.